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Sports Therapy in Dallas, OR

Are you experiencing pain due to injury, surgery or an active lifestyle? Come to Darrington Physical Therapy in Dallas, OR, where patients throughout the area receive customized physical therapy services based on their needs and lifestyle.

Brent Darrington is the owner of Darrington Physical Therapy and lead therapist. Brent, with his many years of education, hands-on experience, and training, will help you understand why your body is in need of therapy. He will then work with you one-on-one towards the path of restoring full movement without pain or discomfort.

Physical Therapy in Dallas, OR
Joint Replacement Therapies

If you had arthritic or damaged joints replaced, you’ll need therapy to move and feel better with your replacement. Brent will create a therapy plan that will reduce joint pain, restore your motion, and improve overall joint function.

Work Injuries

When injured on the job you want to receive the best treatment you can to get back to work. Since not all work injuries are the same, we have the expertise to get your body healed and fully functional for your unique workplace.

Motor Vehicle Accident Rehab

Injuries from an accident can be extremely stressful and especially painful. The accident can interfere with your day-to-day life, which is why it’s important to receive the best physical therapy possible. We’ll perform a thorough examination, determine the best course of treatment, then work towards your healing.

Sports Rehab

As an athlete, your body moves and performs in many different ways. Constant use can lead to overuse, then to pain. Whether you have suffered from a sports-related surgery, injury, or feel your body could use relief from over-exertion, come to Darrington Physical Therapy. Brent has over 20 years of athletic training experience that will help your body recover and gain the strength it needs to get you back doing what you love.

Tool-Assisted Mobilizations

While Brent uses a personalized, hands-on approach with all of his clients, he also incorporates specialized tool-assisted mobilizations to massage your muscles and tendons.
These metal or plastic tools will reduce pain and increase functionality.

Customized Exercise Programs

No clients are ever the same, so their pain management and physical therapy programs should be as unique as they are. With years of education, experience, and training, Brent has the ability to create a customized exercise program that fits your body’s needs and lifestyle. Start living your life in top physical performance.

Book your complimentary consultation at Darrington Physical Therapy, and start the journey to a more active and pain-free life by contacting us at 503-623-9676

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Darrington Physical Therapy in Dallas, OR

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